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VoltStorage's storage systems are as eco-friendly as the energy they store. We focus on a sustainable alternative in contrast to conventional storage technologies and develop and produce stationary batteries based on redox flow technology. The result is revolutionary: green, durable and safe batteries for a wide range of applications and industries.


No rare earths or conflict raw materials are used in the manufacture of our storage systems based on redox flow technology. The storage technology is based on raw materials that are widely available worldwide.


Storage systems based on redox flow technology can be charged and discharged as often as required without losing storage capacity. This makes redox flow storage systems among the longest-lasting storage solutions on the market.


Operational safety plays a major role in energy storage. Since the storage medium consists very largely of water, it is neither flammable nor combustible.

VoltStorage energy storage at a glance

Eco-friendly, safe and durable energy storage for commercial and industrial users as well as energy companies - energy storage from VoltStorage.

With our batteries, we offer the complete solution for storing your self-generated energy from renewable generation plants, as a functional and cascadable system. Innovative and powerful. Robust and reliable. Efficient and economical. Safe and durable.

Designed, developed and produced in Munich - quality made in Germany.