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The energy industry is constantly changing and its challenges are as numerous as they are diverse. One of the biggest challenges facing energy companies is grid decarbonisation and the transformation to 100% renewables .

However, this transition to 100% renewables is definitely far from easy. One of the biggest challenges here is to ensure a constant power supply from fluctuating renewable energies – with innovative technologies that are both environmentally friendly, safe and sustainable.

Sector solutions for energy utilities

  • Eco-friendly
  • Safe
  • Durable

Renewable energies rethought

The world needs innovative renewable energy storage technologies to drive the expansion of renewable energy, reduce dependence on fossil fuels and ensure energy supply reliability.

Green energy becomes baseload capable

For the energy transition to succeed, we need environmentally friendly, cost-effective and scalable energy storage systems for a wide range of applications. The projected demand for batteries is gigantic, and the available technologies are limited in their possibilities.

Currently, solutions based on scarce resources that are mined under questionable conditions dominate the market. Moreover, the specifications of these technologies make them unsuitable for ensuring the provision of base load on a daily and weekly basis. Long Duration Energy Storage is a key technology to enable the decarbonisation of the energy sector. Fluctuations in renewable energy sources can be balanced out and renewable energies, such as solar and wind energy, can be integrated more reliably into the power grid and expanded more quickly. In this way, the base load can be provided and secured from renewable energies.

Long-term storage of power from renewable energies

Energy storage

Store energy

Long Duration Energy Storage makes it possible to secure the base load on the basis of renewable energies – at plannable and marketable prices.

Clean, safe and durable

VoltStorage has developed a battery based on iron and salt that offers a number of advantages, particularly with regard to charging and discharging times of more than eight hours.

Long Duration Energy Storage


The term Long Duration Energy Storage generally refers to energy storage systems and storage technologies that charge or discharge over a period of more than eight hours. This contrasts, for example, with batteries as used in electric vehicles. The latter focus on providing high power in a very short period of time, often less than an hour. In certain applications, especially in the storage of renewable energies generated from solar and wind farms, the focus is less on shortening the charging cycles and more on a longer discharge time with significantly more storage capacity to close the supply gap and cover the base load in times of low wind and sun. In addition, low costs and a long service life of the storage solution are decisive parameters in the field of renewable energies.

Leading technology company for redox flow batteries

VoltStorage's batteries are as environmentally friendly as the energy they store. We focus on a sustainable alternative in contrast to conventional storage technologies and develop and produce stationary storage systems based on redox flow technology. The result is revolutionary: green, durable and safe batteries for a wide range of applications.