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Next Generation Batteries beYOND lITHIUM

Our goal is to make renewables available 24/7. With our multi-technology approach, we create pioneering battery solutions – which are resource-saving, cost-efficient and climate-friendly. For a fairer and cleaner world for future generations.

Voltstorage – the future of energy storage

Next generation batteries

100% renewables 24/7 for a fairer and cleaner world for future generations – this is the great challenge of our time. With the development of cost-effective and resource-saving battery solutions beyond lithium VoltStorage is making an important contribution to a climate-friendly future.
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Technological forerunner

VoltStorage is the leading technology company for stationary flow batteries. With its international research and development team and the largest fleet of operating flow batteries in the world, VoltStorage has accumulated in-depth expertise and experience, which we continue to leverage to stay at the forefront of flow battery technology.
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About VoltStorage

Founded in 2016, VoltStorage has become the technological market leader for stationary flow batteries within just a few years. Three visionary founders, an international team of experts and supportive investors have made this success possible.
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pioneering Battery Technologies


Vanadium redox flow technology

With the vanadium redox flow technology, VoltStorage was able to establish a storage technology in the mass market that does not require conflict commodities and is characterized by a high level of operational reliability.

Iron salt technology

Unrivaled 50€ per kWh: The iron salt technology is destined to shape the future of battery storage beyond lithium, because of the widely available and low-cost iron-based storage medium.

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