Clean energy
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Clean energy
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Renewable energy sources such as wind and sun represent the most important sources of the future global energy supply. In order to bridge natural supply gaps in times of low wind and sun reliably and cost-effectively, and to make green energy available 100% of the time, energy storage solutions represent a keystone technology. With efficient and sustainable storage solutions, green energy can be made available 24/7, providing for a fairer and more sustainable world for generations to come.


100% renewables 24/7 for a fairer and cleaner world for future generations – this is the great challenge of our time. With the development of cost-effective, lithium free, and resource-saving battery solutions, VoltStorage is making an important contribution to a climate-friendly future as the world’s leading technology company for stationary flow batteries. The Munich-based company develops and produces commercial batteries based on ecological vanadium redox flow technology, for agriculture and industry. In addition, the international development team is researching the revolutionary iron salt technology, which is highly suitable as a long duration battery for ensuring grid scale base load capability of wind and solar parks.


Long duration battery

The wind and solar farms located across Europe are an important cornerstone for the success of the energy transition. In order to ensure the provision of grid scale base load and to meet the growing demand and need for climate-friendly solutions, efficient forms of energy storage play an essential role. Thanks to VoltStorage’s particulary durable and secure Long Duration Batteries based on the revolutionary iron salt technology, operators of solar and wind farms can not only ensure general security of supply, but also make their business model fit for the future.

Commercial battery

Commercial storage for saving power from renewable energies is becoming increasingly important: Thanks to VoltStorage‘s commercial storage solutions, commercial and agricultural businesses can optimize their own consumption and thus increase their profitability and independence from the power grid. VoltStorage’s Commercial Batteries are specifically designed to meet the requirements of these industries. Thanks to the use of ecological redox flow technology, they are also excellent in terms of safety and durability.


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