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Clean Energy with Clean Storage

VoltStorage Successfully Qualifies Industrial Waste for the Iron Salt Battery


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VoltStorage joins Flow Batteries Europe

Flow Batteries Europe aims to contribute to accelerating decarbonization in Europe and globally through the deployment of energy storage and flexibility solutions with flow battery technology. VoltStorage has now been admitted to the group as a new member to bring its expertise and strengthen the organization's impact.


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Parliamentary State Secretary Dr. Franziska Brantner visits VoltStorage

Information tour by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Protection to the VoltStorage Iron Salt Battery Sustainable LDES development as a cornerstone for the base load capability of renewable energies


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An Overdue Step Towards a Zero-Emission Power Grid

The G7 countries' decision for an ambitious expansion of renewable energies and energy storage solutions, along with the phase out from coal energy by the mid-2030s, marks a significant stride towards a sustainable global energy landscape. Their commitment to increasing energy storage capacity sixfold, with a target of 1,500 GW by 2030, reflects a clear market signal for technology providers, investors, and operators. A statement by Jakob Bitner, Co-founder and CEO VoltStorage


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The path to a clean energy future: with sun and wind, iron and salt

Light and shadow – that is one way to describe what is currently happening in terms of political decisions and pivotal moments in Germany. On the one hand, we see the Solar Package 1 (“Solarpaket 1”) for promoting solar expansion coinciding with the agreement on a weakened climate action law. At the same time, the anniversary of the nuclear phase-out in Germany reminds us of how irreversible the path towards genuine climate action and comprehensive energy transition has become. And that is a good thing. A statement by Jakob Bitner, Co-founder and CEO VoltStorage


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There can be no energy transition without batteries

Renewable energies are on the rise worldwide, both in terms of the expansion of wind and solar power plants as well as in terms of capacity and investment volume. While this is generally positive, we should not forget the fact that much more needs to happen. A holistic approach is crucial, encompassing not only on the generation and supply but also on the storage of renewable energy.


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