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Company | 28. July 2022

VoltStorage receives 24 million investment

U.S. company Cummins Inc. invests in VoltStorage and contributes 24 million euros to the company's growth plan.

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Fairs & Events | 31. May 2022

VoltStorage at the ees Europe 2022

VoltStorage presented the function and possible applications of the ecological redox flow technology at ees Europe 2022.

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Press | 18. April 2022

The Next Hurdle in Europeʼs Energy Transition

The New York Times reports on VoltStorage's technology and how it can be critical to a successful energy transition.

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Press | 1. March 2022

Energy Transition with Iron Salt Batteries

[German Version only] Handelsblatt reports on the challenges posed by the energy transition and how VoltStorage can help overcome them.

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Company | 17. February 2022

VoltStorage joins LDES Council

VoltStorage is now a member of the Long Duration Energy Storage Council (LDES Council) and will, together with other members, provide fact-based guidance to governments on the subject of long duration energy storage

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Company | 15. February 2022

White paper: Use case long duration battery

Learn how on-shore wind and solar parks can provide the base load power supply through long duration batteries based on the iron salt technology.

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Company | 22. December 2021

VoltStorage wishes Merry Christmas!

Special guest visits VoltStorage’s R&D lab to leave some supplies for a fresh start into the new year 2022

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Insights | 16. December 2021

VoltStorage launches test phase for commercial battery

With innovation to innovation: VoltStorage develops technology demonstrator for the forerunner of the commercial storage system.

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Fairs & Events | 27. April 2021

VoltStorage at the State Garden Show in Ingolstadt

VoltStorage is part of the future-oriented energy module of the Ingolstadt State Garden Show and provides a climate-friendly power supply on site.

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