We develop and produce pioneering battery solutions that are particularly resource-efficient, cost-effective and climate-friendly. Our claim and goal: solutions that create real added value for our customers. With sound industry expertise, a feel for tomorrow's trends and globally unique expertise, we have continuously developed redox flow technology and scaled and optimised it for various areas of application. In doing so, we rely on a multi-technological approach to cover all application areas of stationary battery storage systems.

With vanadium redox flow technology, we are counting on a proven and tested technology. This enables customers from trade, industry and agriculture to secure their energy needs during periods of low wind or low sun. In addition, we are working on a new type of redox flow technology based on iron and salt, which represents a revolutionary technology for energy companies, due to its unrivalled low costs and particularly high temperature resistance, to ensure the provision of the base load from renewable energies.

Green batteries for a wide range of applications

5h - 10h charge and discharge duration

Batteries to optimise self-consumption and increase the degree of self-sufficiency for companies in agriculture, industry & commercial.

10h - 100h charge and discharge duration

Batteries to provide base load from renewable energies for energy companies such as wind and solar farms.

Leading technology company

The environmentally friendly, safe and durable batteries from VoltStorage are the forward-looking alternative to conventional storage solutions. And exactly what we need for the success of the energy transition.

Made for your needs

Whether optimising self-consumption, ensuring a stable energy supply, reducing the carbon footprint or providing base load based on renewable energies – VoltStorage's product portfolio of environmentally friendly, safe and durable energy storage systems is the optimal choice for a wide range of application areas.

We offer commercial and industrial batteries for agriculture, manufacturing, logistics, hotel & catering as well as large-scale storage for energy companies.