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The rise in energy prices is a burden on many companies - especially those with particularly energy-intensive production. Due to the high electricity consumption in industry and commerce, current electricity prices are a major issue, especially in this sector of the economy.

A secure energy supply at stable and calculable prices is essential for these companies in order to ensure the smooth and economical operation of the business. For this reason, alternative forms of energy generation and use are becoming increasingly important. Renewable energies stand for independence from rising energy prices, better plannability and more sustainability.

Industry solutions for industrial and commercial companies

  • Eco-friendly
  • Safe
  • Durable

Energy at predictable prices

In contrast to fossil fuels, renewable energies provide you with greater independence from fluctuating energy prices and thus better predictability for your business activities.

Green energy 24/7

The fluctuations in energy production from renewable energy sources such as sun and wind require energy storage systems in order to take advantage of renewable energies in an ideal way. With an energy storage system, companies in industry and commerce can store their self-generated electricity and call it up when it is actually needed – such as to cover electricity demand at night or to run production in the early morning hours. Energy storage systems thus play an important role in optimising self-consumption.

They offer a charging and discharging time of 5 - 10 hours and can also store and provide large amounts of energy, depending on the configuration. This guarantees a constant and reliable energy supply around the clock, 7 days a week.

With the help of an energy storage unit, self-generated energy can thus be used constantly and reliably around the clock, thus increasing the profitability of the business activity in an ecological way.

Environmentally friendly energy storage for renewable energies

Energy storage

Store energy

With a storage system for your generation plant, you make yourself independent of fluctuating energy prices and can plan more reliably.

Clean, safe and durable

VoltStorage's storage systems are based on redox flow storage technology that pays off – for people, the environment and your business.

Leading technology company for redox flow batteries

VoltStorage's batteries are as environmentally friendly as the energy they store. We focus on a sustainable alternative in contrast to conventional storage technologies and develop and produce stationary storage systems based on redox flow technology. The result is revolutionary: green, durable and safe batteries for a wide range of applications.

We offer commercial and industrial batteries for agriculture, manufacturing, logistics, hotel & catering as well as large-scale storage for energy companies.