It is not only climate change that poses major challenges for agriculture. It is also the tightening of regulations and environmental requirements, the shortage of skilled workers, exploding commodity prices and the increasing expectations of species-appropriate and organic farming. In addition, many farms are struggling with rising energy costs and the instability of the energy supply.

More and more farmers are therefore opting for the principle of self-sufficiency when it comes to energy and for the combination of regenerative generation systems with a powerful battery. Thanks to VoltStorage batteries based on environmentally friendly, safe and long-lasting redox flow technology, renewable energy can be used around the clock. For more independence in terms of energy supply.

Sector solutions for agricultural businesses

  • Eco-friendly
  • Safe
  • Durable

Optimise your self-consumption

Use more of your low-cost, environmentally friendly and self-generated energy from renewable generation plants, increase your degree of self-sufficiency and thus reduce your operating costs.

Green eneregy non stop

The photovoltaic system was planned, installed and does what it is supposed to do: It reliably and constantly converts cost-effective and climate-friendly solar energy into electricity for milking robots, mowing machines, cooling systems and other equipment needed for daily operations.

Unfortunately, only when the sun is shining. The solution is simple: with an energy storage system, farmers can store self-generated electricity and call it up when it is actually needed. Farms in particular often need electricity during the day when the sun is not shining, such as in the early morning hours when milking machines are in operation. Without a battery, they cannot draw on self-generated energy at these times and benefit from low-cost self-consumption. Batteries play an important role in optimising self-consumption, as they store surplus energy and make it usable during periods of low energy production. There is no need to resort to expensive energy from the grid during peak demand periods. Batteries offer a charge and discharge time of 5 - 10 hours and can also store and provide large amounts of energy, depending on the configuration. This guarantees a constant and reliable energy supply around the clock, 7 days a week.

Eco-friendly energy storage for renewable energies

Energy storage

Store energy

With the help of a storage system for regenerative generation plants, you can optimise your own consumption and thus maintain your operations.

Clean, safe and durable

VoltStorage's storage systems are based on redox flow storage technology that pays off - for people, the environment and your business.

Leading technology company for redox flow batteries

VoltStorage's batteries are as environmentally friendly as the energy they store. We focus on a sustainable alternative in contrast to conventional storage technologies and develop and produce stationary storage systems based on redox flow technology. The result is revolutionary: green, durable and safe batteries for a wide range of applications.

We offer commercial and industrial batteries for agriculture, manufacturing, logistics, hotel & catering as well as large-scale storage for energy companies.