Celebrating women's day at VoltStorage

VoltStorage celebrates the power and energy of women not only on March 8, International Women's Day, but throughout March and beyond.  With over 22% female employees, the company is well ahead of the German average in energy and electronics-related professions.

Celebrating women's day at VoltStorage

VoltStorage celebrates the power and energy of women not only on March 8th, International Women's Day, but throughout all of March and beyond. As a highly technology-focused company with demanding standards for technical expertise, innovation-driven thinking, and a good dose of bold pragmatism, we take immense pride in our female colleagues. They all impress with their specific skills and commitment to these requirements.

That's why we dedicate the entire month of March to appreciating and recognizing our wonderful colleagues. We celebrate with a series of weekly events focusing on key aspects such as appreciation, learning, health, and celebration.

  • Appreciation involves acknowledging and raising awareness of the important contributions made by our female colleagues.
  • Learning includes a Q&A session with Verena Graf, an experienced professional in the energy market and CTO at VoltStorage. This session aims to inspire our colleagues on how to pursue careers in a technical world.
  • Health features a fitness program tailored to the specific work situations and physical strains that are prevalent in today's work environment. It consciously focuses on the requirements and needs of our female colleagues.
  • Celebration is an inclusive event that brings together all our colleagues to underscore our commitment to equality and unity, emphasizing the one-team aspect at VoltStorage.

VoltStorage provides an environment conducive to diverse career paths, offering opportunities for skill development and specialization across all positions in the dynamic and forward-thinking field of clean energy storage. This includes both hierarchical and topical levels – from managers to department heads to working students, and from technical and electro-chemical fields to organizational and administrative responsibilities.

Among our approx. 80 colleagues, more than 22 percent are female – a notable figure considering that the average percentage of female workers in energy and electronics-related companies in Germany is only 11 percent.

Verena Graf, CTO at VoltStorage, remarks, "It's heartening to see that our company appeals to a wide range of women across various ages and educational backgrounds. We are committed to maintaining or possibly increase this level and to nurturing the positive momentum of diversity and equality within our company and work culture."

VoltStorage's appreciation for women will extend beyond the month of March, serving as an ongoing, inspirational example for our internal colleagues and as a call to action for other companies to follow suit.

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