VoltStorage joins Flow Batteries Europe

Flow Batteries Europe aims to contribute to accelerating decarbonization in Europe and globally through the deployment of energy storage and flexibility solutions with flow battery technology. VoltStorage has now been admitted to the group as a new member to bring its expertise and strengthen the organization's impact.

VoltStorage joins Flow Batteries Europe

Flow Batteries Europe (FBE) is an international non-profit association aimed at accelerating the decarbonisation in Europe and globally by increasing the deployment of energy storage and flexibility solutions through flow battery technology. The association represents flow battery stakeholders with a united voice to shape a long-term strategy for the flow battery sector. Now, VoltStorage was admitted to this group to contribute expertise and add weight to the organization and its mission.

Munich-based VoltStorage is the developer of the Iron Salt Battery. It is designed for large-scale long duration energy storage (LDES) applications and sustainably stores and provides renewable energies such as wind or solar.

The Iron Salt Battery builds on the Redox Flow Battery. Using iron and salt as main electrolyte materials, it brings major advantages regarding costs, safety and raw material availability and recyclability. The battery aims at discharge durations of 12 to 48 hours, operates at ambient temperatures of up to +50 degrees Celsius and can conduct more than 10.000 charge cycles.

Jakob Bitner, Co-founder and CEO of VoltStorage, is glad to have joined Flow Batteries Europe: “Our mission is to support the advancement of the energy transition. Achieving this goal requires diverse solutions tailored to different needs. To succeed, we must orchestrate and align these efforts. The FBE is an ideal advocate for this community, and we look forward to contributing our expertise to support this initiative.”

Flow Batteries Europe’s vision is to accelerate decarbonisation in Europe and beyond by increasing the deployment of energy storage and flexibility solutions through flow battery applications. To achieve this, the organization gathers interested stakeholders to advance research and development, commercialisation and deployment of flow batteries in Europe. In addition, the organization helps shape the legal framework for flow batteries at the EU level, contributes to the EU decision-making process, as well as helps define R&D priorities.

More information about Flow Batteries Europe at https://flowbatterieseurope.eu

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