VoltStorage is one of the most sustainbale start-ups 2018

VoltStorage is among the top 5 of the wiwin Award 2018, Germany’s highest endowed prize for sustainable start-ups with solutions against climate change.


VoltStorage is one of the top 5 start-up companies of the wiwin Award 2018 for a green future.

Berlin, 18 October 2018 The wiwin Award honors sustainable German start-up companies that are creatively and courageously committed to combating climate change. With an awarded amount of 500,000 euros, the wiwin Award is the highest endowed award for young green companies in Germany.

VoltStorage is one of the top 5 start-up pioneers for sustainability in 2018 and thus successfully asserted itself against numerous other companies from the areas of renewable energy, sustainable construction and circular economy. VoltStorage was able to stand out with its development of the world’s first low-cost solar energy storage system for private households based on the ecological Vanadium Redox Flow (VRF) technology.

This was made possible by VoltStorage’s ground-breaking production process which was filed for patenting. For the first time, this enables the automated and thus cost-effective production of Redox Flow batteries. This allows to establish a storage technology in the mass market that does not require rare or conflict raw materials. Vanadium Redox Flow technology is also fully recyclable and offers high operational reliability and longevity.

Special about the wiwin Award is that it is realized in the form of an investment, allowing investors to support the winning start-up in the course of a crowd investing campaign. „The wiwin Award is more than just a start-up competition – it is an award for all those who want to actively support climate protection and invest in exciting solutions,“ says Matthias Willenbacher, initiator of the award and renewable energy pioneer in Germany.

VoltStorage CTO and co-founder Michael Peither presented the ecological VoltStorage solution at the wiwin Award final in Berlin. „The positive reactions among the award guests and the top 5 ranking encourage us further to develop ecological power storage systems to make 100% renewable energies 24/7 a reality,“ says Michael Peither, satisfied with the outcome of the award finals.

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