VoltStorage CPO visits suppliers in China

A VoltStorage delegation led by CPO Felix Kiefl intensifies supplier planning for the coming year during a one-week stay in China.

VoltStorage CPO VISTIS Suppliers in China

VoltStorage intensifies further planning with suppliers during a one-week stay in China.

Shenzhen, Dongguan, Mianyang, 04 October 2019 – Following the successful market launch of the ecological VoltStorage SMART home battery, VoltStorage plans to significantly expand its series production next year. While battery cell production and product assembly take place in Germany, VoltStorage purchases selected system components from high-tech development and production sites in China. VoltStorage CPO Felix Kiefl visited the local suppliers during a one-week stay in China in order to keep advancing with the plans for growing the production capacity.

Felix was accompanied by other VoltStorage employees, including Wenchang Zhang, who is responsible for further developing the hardware components at VoltStorage. „We have the advantage that we can operate directly on site with our own employees from our office in Shenzhen. Thus, the cooperation with our suppliers runs very smoothly. Nevertheless, it is important to meet in larger groups regularly in order to push ahead with longer-term planning and kick off optimizations together,“ says VoltStorage CPO Felix Kiefl, explaining the importance of the stay in China.

In addition to the suppliers of the electrolytic tanks and frame parts, the team also visited manufacturers of special battery felts, essential to produce the Redox Flow battery cells. „We are more than satisfied with the talks we had and together we were able to set the course for further cooperation,“ says VoltStorage CPO Felix Kiefl, summing up the seven-day stay in China.

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