VoltStorage collaborates with Talis Holzhäuser

With the VoltStorage SMART power storage, Talis Holzhäuser now offers its customers a safe and ecological storage solution for the first time.


Safe and ecological: VoltStorage home battery now available for wooden houses.

Munich, 16 June 2019 – Munich-based VoltStorage GmbH, manufacturer of storage systems for solar power, and the provider of solid wood houses Talis Holzhäuser are now working together to offer Talis customers for the first time a safe and ecological battery storage: The VoltStorage SMART home battery is the only storage system without lithium on the market and will be part of the energy concept of Talis Holzhäuser as of this year. The first reference project will already be realized this summer.“Talis Holzhäuser and the VoltStorage SMART go very well together: Our energy storage system is based on Vanadium Redox Flow technology. This makes it non-inflammable in contrast to conventional lithium-based storage systems—a big plus for owners of wooden houses who want to safely use and store their own solar energy,“ explains Jakob Bitner, co-founder and CEO of VoltStorage. „Talis Holzhäuser consciously focuses on modern technology and is always on the lookout for innovative product cooperations. The VoltStorage SMART perfectly complements our portfolio,“ says Peer Gehrmann, Managing Director of Talis Holzhäuser.

The Vanadium Redox Flow (VRF) storage technology has so far been successfully used in bulk scale storage systems. In 2016, VoltStorage developed an automated production process for the required battery cells. For the first time worldwide, this enables the cost-efficient use of this technology in private households. The recyclable vanadium electrolyte used for the battery consists mostly of pure water and, unlike lithium-ion batteries, is therefore non-inflammable nor explosive. Vanadium is also produced with low emissions as it is a by-product of iron production. In addition to these safety and ecological advantages, the SMART is also distinguished by its capacity guarantee: „The home battery can be loaded and unloaded infinitely often without losing any capacity,“ says Bitner.

The storage solution is now offered to Talis customers. Due to the lead time for house building, deliveries are expected to start at the beginning of 2020.


More about Talis Holzhäuser

For 19 years, Talis Holzhäuser has been producing and selling customized solutions for wood houses. In addition to planning, constructing and erecting, Talis Holzäuser also offers a comprehensive range of energy-saving equipment (heating, ventilation, solar and home battery systems) for its wooden house solutions.

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