VoltStorage launches test phase for commercial battery

With innovation to innovation: VoltStorage develops technology demonstrator for the forerunner of the commercial storage system.


With innovation to innovation: VoltStorage develops technology demonstrator for the forerunner of the commercial storage system 

Munich, December 16, 2021 – A 10-member interdisciplinary team from the Research & Development, Electronics, Software Development and Mechanical Engineering departments has successfully commissioned the commercial storage demonstrator based on vanadium redox flow technology. Sophisticated sensor and measurement technology was integrated to put the technology and individual components through their paces. In addition, new and more efficient battery stacks, newly developed state-of-charge sensors, a new battery management system and comprehensive Balance of Plant are being used. The interaction of these and all other components makes the demonstrator an innovative development tool that already has the functions of the storage systems of the future. “With this technology demonstrator, we can test new developments in the area of the hydraulic system, the inverters the the battery management as well as sensor systems and battery cell stack on a realistic scale,” says Felix Kiefl, CPO of VoltStorage.

The technology demonstrator has a rated charging and discharging power of up to 10 kW and a storage capacity of 40 kWh. In order to be able to collect and validly analyze test results in detail, over 100 sensors were installed in all operationally relevant areas. This makes it possible, for example, to determine temperature development, voltage levels and state of charge of the system, as well as the pressure development and flow rate of the hydraulic system.

While developing the system concept for a future commercial storage solution, the demonstrator will be a continuously used testing tool with which both software and hardware developments can be tested and optimized. Based on monthly coordinated test plans, the existing testing needs of the development teams can be addressed in an agile manner.

Initially, in-depth efficiency tests of the latest battery cell stack generation are planned, as well as tests of various battery inverter solutions. Subsequently, load and performance tests of the new battery cell stack generation will follow in order to gain further insights for further component and efficiency optimization. Based on these tests, the teams involved in commercial storage development will gain an even deeper understanding of the technical requirements of commercially used electricity storage systems. “The technology demonstrator is an essential component for us in the design and development process of the first commercial VoltStorage storage solution. The insights gained provide valuable input that we use to accomplish the time-efficient development of a marketable product,” says Felix Kiefl, CPO of VoltStorage.


About VoltStorage

VoltStorage GmbH is the technological pioneer for stationary flow batteries. VoltStorage develops and produces energy storage systems based on ecological redox flow technology. With its sustainable storage solutions, VoltStorage strives to achieve the vision of making 100% renewable energy available 24/7. VoltStorage has an international research and development team as well as the largest operating flow battery fleet worldwide, and thus extensive expertise and experience in the development and production of sustainable storage technologies. With redox flow technology, VoltStorage is establishing a mass-market alternative to lithium-based storage technologies that does not require rare materials or conflict raw materials, is fully recyclable, and also has high operational reliability and durability. For a fairer and cleaner world for generations to come.

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