VoltStorage enlarges Technical Service Team

VoltStorage strengthens its team with product specialists to meet the increasing demand of installation partners for Redox Flow energy storage trainings.

VoltStorage enlarges Technical Service Team

VoltStorage is responding to the increasing demand of installation partners for energy storage trainings.

Munich, May 07, 2020 – With the VoltStorage SMART energy storage system based on the eco-friendly Vanadium Redox Flow technology, VoltStorage plans to become the world’s leading company for Redox Flow energy storage solutions by the end of the year. In order to reach this goal, VoltStorage has continuously expanded its series production since the beginning of the year and increased its staff number in the areas of quality assurance, production and research. VoltStorage is now expanding its technical service team with product specialists to further increase the number of product and installation trainings for VoltStorage partners.

Support by further product specialists

With the product specialists Stefan Christof, Peter Kanzler and Simon Wieser, VoltStorage relies on a well-functioning team that has already worked together before VoltStorage. At VoltStorage, the technical service team is responsible for the installation and setup of the energy storage systems and the product and installation training of installation partners in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. “Due to the high demand for our eco-friendly energy storage solution, the expansion of our technical service team was very important. As a result, we are now in a position to install a large number of the systems already ordered in the upcoming months“, explains Head of Sales, Christian Seidemann, who is also responsible for the technical service team at VoltStorage.

Energy storage trainings for installation partners will be increased

Since last year VoltStorage has intensified its training and certification activities for installation partners. The goal is to continuously expand the network of sales and installation partners in Germany, Austria and Switzerland to even better meet the constantly increasing customer demand for eco-friendly energy storage solutions. „In terms of product and installation training, we clearly stand out from other storage providers. Instead of theoretical trainings with large numbers of participants in conference rooms, we rely on individual practical trainings. This means that our technical service employees are on site as part of the reference installation and carry out the installation together with the installation partner“, explains Jakob Bitner, CEO & Co-Founder of VoltStorage. By expanding its technical service team, VoltStorage is now able to further increase the number of certified sales and installation partners.


More about VoltStorage

VoltStorage develops and produces solar energy storage systems based on ecological Redox Flow technology. With its sustainable storage solutions, VoltStorage follows the vision of making 100% renewable energies available around 24/7 – and thus making the world cleaner and fairer.

The Redox Flow technology has has proven itself in the bulk-scale storage market for years. However, VoltStorage is the first company worldwide to make the Redox Flow technology available as a home storage solution for private households. This was made possible by VoltStorage’s production process, for which a patent is pending. For the first time this allows automated and thus cost-effective production of Redox Flow batteries.

With Redox Flow technology, the company is establishing a storage technology in the mass market which is free from rare or conflicting raw materials, is completely recyclable and offers high operational reliability and longevity.

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