Redox-Flow pioneer until 2020

VoltStorage plant bis Jahresende das weltweit führende Unternehmen für Redox-Flow Stromspeicher zu werden und baut dafür die Serienproduktion weiter aus.


VoltStorage has set the goal to be the leading business worldwide in the sector of Redox Flow Energy Storage Systems.

Munich, 8th January 2020 – By marketing the VoltStorage SMART energy storage system since 2018, VoltStorage has been offering the first cost-efficient Redox-Flow Storage System for domestic use. After the successful start of the serial production last year, VoltStorage pursuits being the market leader worldwide in the sector of Redox-Flow-based energy storage systems. “Due to the high demand for our energy storage solution and the planned expansion of production capacities, we are going to be the leading Redox Flow business worldwide, regarding the number of systems being in operation.”, explains VoltStorage-CEO Jakob Bitner. With these growth prospects, VoltStorage highlights its role as a pioneer in the sector of resource-friendly energy storage systems.

To realize the increase of serial production, it is planned to transfer from batch production to continuous production in spring 2020. At the same time, it is planned to increase the monthly quantity increasingly. “The assembly of certain components is still going to be executed by our contract manufacturer, where the processes are set up in a way, that allows an increase in quantity. The manufacturing of the battery cell and the quality control are going to be executed by our experts in-house to guarantee the quality.”, explains CPO Felix Kiefl, who is responsible for the production processes and quality control at VoltStorage.

Along with the expansion of the serial production it is also planned to increase the number of staff this year. To realize the business growth, several job offers are online since the beginning of the year. Especially people for the further expansion of the factory service, who execute the training and certification of trade partners in Germany, Austria and Switzerland are required. “The need for training rises constantly, due to the increasing demands coming from PV- installers and electricians, who want to offer our storage system to their customers. Therefore, it is necessary to adjust our certification program to these needs.”, explains VoltStorage sales manager Christian Seidemann.

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