EWS Schönau relies on VoltStorage SMART

The supplier for green electricity EWS Schönau takes the VoltStorage SMART home battery that is based on Vanadium Redox Flow (VRF) technology into operation at their premises.


The green electricity supplier EWS Schönau puts VoltStorage SMART battery system into operation.

Schönau im Schwarzwald, 31 January 2019 – For 25 years, EWS Schönau, German-wide supplier of green electricity and biogas, has been committed to the use of climate-friendly energy solutions. EWS Schönau therefore not only supports the expansion of renewable generating plants, but also the use of ecological and sustainable power storage solutions. The VoltStorage SMART is the first storage system for energy supply that is based on the environmentally friendly Vanadium Redox Flow (VRF) technology.

Alexander Sladek, Managing Director of EWS, and Thies Stillhan, Head of Strategic Business Development, were on site when the home battery VoltStorage SMART arrived to take a closer look. The ecological storage solution will initially be used in an office building on the energy supplier’s premises. There it stores the spare energy of a block-type thermal power station and releases the stored amount of energy again if required. At a later point, it is planned to move the VRF storage system to a technical show room for visitors.

EWS Schönau is carrying out extensive testing of the storage system in order to gain valuable experience with the Vanadium Redox Flow technology. In addition, it is planned to integrate the battery as part of the program “Modellregion Schönau” (Schönau Model Region). The goal of the „Modellregion Schönau“ is the development of a decentralized, citizen-oriented energy system based on renewable energies. For this purpose, energy generating plants and storage systems of different households are to be interconnected and shared.

„The discussions with those responsible at EWS Schönau were very positive straight from the start. You can see that EWS wants to follow and support sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions right from the beginning. We are therefore looking forward to the coming cooperation“, says VoltStorage CTO Michael Peither, who was in contact with EWS Schönau for the first time during the SMART Green Accelerator 2018, where he was able to initiate the cooperation.

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