VoltStorage automates electrolyte filling process

Self-developed filling control system enables electrolyte supply for increasing production of VoltStorage’s eco-friendly Redox Flow energy storage systems.

VoltStorage automates electrolyte filling process

Self-developed filling control system enables electrolyte supply for increasing home battery production

Munich, May 28, 2020 – As part of the increasing series production of eco-friendly Redox Flow energy storage systems, VoltStorage is focusing on the ongoing optimization of the entire production process. With the self-developed control system for filling the vanadium electrolyte liquid ready for shipment, VoltStorage is now able to semi-automate a very time consuming and resource intensive production step. Thanks to the increased efficiency achieved by the new filling process, electrolyte can now be provided for up to 300 energy storage units per month.

More efficient filling process necessary due to increasing production volume

The vanadium-based electrolyte liquid, which serves as a storage medium in VoltStorage home batteries, is delivered in large IBC containers, each with a total volume of 1,000 liters. For each storage unit, a total of 44 electrolyte canisters of 5 liters each are filled in order to easily fill the energy storage system during the installation process. „Up to now, filling the electrolyte canisters from the large IBC containers had to be done manually by two people. The activation and drip-free changing of the filling pump from canister to canister was an extremely time-consuming procedure,“ explains VoltStorage CPO Felix Kiefl the previous filling process. Due to the increasing series production and the significantly higher electrolyte filling volume, the VoltStorage production team has developed a semi-automated and therefore much more efficient filling process.

VoltStorage opts for self-developed system solution

„Due to the special conditions and requirements that have to be taken into account when filling vanadium electrolyte, we have focused on a self-developed system solution from the very beginning – especially since we have the necessary technical know-how in our team“, explains Felix Kiefl. In cooperation between the Redox Flow research team and the electronic development department, a semi-automated filling system was developed. „In addition to the required safety measures, the necessary control concept also takes into account the required pump pressure at different filling speeds,“ explains the electronic engineer responsible for programming the filling system and carried out the first filling tests.Animation von Elektrolyt-Befüllung

Efficiency increase of the filling process by 62 percent

Thanks to the self-developed electrolyte filling system, the entire process can now be carried out by just one person. „With the semi-automation we can increase the overall efficiency of the filling process by 62 percent,“ explains the responsible electronic engineer at VoltStorage. This way electrolyte can be filled for up to 300 storage systems per month. „We are very glad that we were able to optimize a very time and resource intensive production step in such a way. For the expansion of our series production, it is crucial that we continuously develop the entire production chain – and thus create the conditions to meet the constantly increasing demand for our eco-friendly energy storage solution in the future,“ explains VoltStorage CEO Jakob Bitner.


More about VoltStorage

VoltStorage develops and produces solar energy storage systems based on the ecological Redox Flow technology. With its sustainable storage solutions, VoltStorage follows the vision of making 100% renewable energies available around 24/7 – and thus making the world cleaner and fairer.

VoltStorage is the first company worldwide to make the Redox Flow Technology, which has been successful in the large storage segment for years, available as a home storage solution for private households. This was made possible by VoltStorage’s production process, for which a patent is pending. For the first time this allows automated and thus cost-effective production of Redox Flow batteries.

With the Redox Flow technology, the company can establish a storage technology in the mass market that is free from rare materials and conflicting raw materials, is completely recyclable and also has a high level of operational reliability and longevity.

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