The VoltStorage success story began in 2016 as a Munich-based startup with the vision of making clean and affordable energy accessible around the clock. Since then, we have been working continuously to give our customers the opportunity to take their energy supply into their own hands and drive the energy transition forward.

Our storage solutions are as environmentally friendly as the energy they store. We focus on a sustainable alternative in contrast to conventional storage technologies and develop and produce stationary storage systems based on redox flow technology. The result is revolutionary: green, durable and safe batteries for a wide range of applications.

Today, with our storage systems, we are the technological innovation leader for stationary batteries based on redox flow technology.

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Pioneering development

Jakob Bitner, Michael Peither and Felix Kiefel founded VoltStorage GmbH in 2016. A company that has been characterised by innovative strength, environmental awareness and courage from the very beginning. Many companies have a history, some of them have even made history. Today, VoltStorage is the technological innovation leader in the field of energy storage based on environmentally friendly redox flow technology.

Join us on a short tour through the history of VoltStorage.


In 2016, VoltStorage GmbH was founded by the three founders Jakob Bitner, Michael Peither and Felix Kiefl with the vision of making renewable energy available around the clock.


VoltStorage strategically realigns itself in 2021 and focuses on the development of larger dimensioned storage systems.


The development and production of the commercial storage solution is completed – sales launch of the commercial storage in Germany and Austria in June 2023.


Das Unternehmen bezieht im Herbst 2023 5.000 Quadratmeter Mietfläche für den Ausbau von Forschung und Entwicklung und den Aufbau der eigenen Batterieproduktion.

  • 2016
    Foundation of VoltStorage GmbH by Jakob Bitner, Michael Peither and Felix Kiefl
  • 2017
    VoltStorage receives a multi-million investment and expands its team with renowned experts from research & development
  • 2018
    The first home storage system based on VRF technology is launched: VoltStorage SMART
  • 2019
    Private investors invest 1 million euros in record time as part of a crowdfunding campaign
  • 2020
    VoltStorage receives an investment of 6 million euros for further growth
  • 2021
    Strategic reorientation and focus on the development of larger storage systems
  • 2022
    US company Cummins Inc. contributes 24 million euros to the company's growth plan

VoltStorage management

We are committed every day to making the vision of renewable energy available around the clock and always do our best to support and encourage our employees. In doing so, we are committed to acting responsibly, putting people first and working with expertise and passion to create a green, sustainable and fair future.

Jakob Bitner, CEO

Jakob Bitner is Managing Director and Co-Founder of VoltStorage GmbH and is responsible for corporate development as well as finance, marketing and sales.

Michael Peither, CTO

Michael Peither is CTO and co-founder of VoltStorage GmbH and is responsible for research & development, patents and new developments.

Verena Graf, COO

Verena Graf is COO of VoltStorage GmbH and is responsible for product development, production, procurement and quality.

Solid foundation

The transformation to a sustainable energy economy is based on courage, responsibility and innovation. At VoltStorage, these values are lived. Day after day. Our investors support our ambition to make renewable energy 100% available. Their commitment reflects the importance of our vision and our solutions for people, the environment and the company, as well as the impact they have on the success of the energy transition.

Innovative. Responsible. Bold.

The VoltStorage company and brand is defined and supported by three values that help us achieve our goals. They are the essence of our brand identity and what makes us unique. It is innovation that brings progress. It is a responsible approach to the environment and our resources. It is the courage and passion to break new ground and revolutionise the status quo. With the development and production of environmentally friendly and pioneering batteries for renewable energies, we are turning our vision into reality.

Be innovative

The future is being invented today. That is why innovation is deeply anchored in our DNA. We want to develop innovative and practicable storage solutions that make renewable energies usable around the clock and thus make a decisive contribution to the energy transition. With our research and development work, we not only set new technological standards, but also want to redefine the future of energy storage.

Be bold

New things are not created by remaining in the status quo. New things are created by trying out new things. It is therefore not only openness to new things that we stand for, but also the courage to try out new approaches, to sound out the possibilities and limits, and to go beyond them. This is how products and solutions are created that define the status quo of tomorrow.

Be responsible

We expect ourselves to use our resources responsibly and to live an environmentally friendly corporate culture. In this way, we want to make our contribution to making the world a little better.

Eco-friendly batteries for the energy transition

Making 100% renewable energy available around the clock - that is the vision that drives us. In order to realise this vision, we are developing pioneering battery solutions that are particularly resource-efficient, cost-effective and climate-friendly. Energy transition starts now.

A range of possibilities

Whether optimising self-consumption, ensuring a stable energy supply, reducing the carbon footprint or providing the base load based on renewable energies - VoltStorage's product portfolio of environmentally friendly, safe and durable energy storage systems is the optimal choice for a wide range of applications.

We offer commercial and industrial batteries for agriculture, manufacturing, logistics, hotel & catering as well as large-scale storage for energy companies.