Innovation Lab
Long duration battery

Together with our international research and development team, we are developing pioneering post-lithium battery storage solutions to realize our goal of resource-efficient, cost-effective and climate-friendly batteries.

Insights in research & development

With the development of iron salt technology, we will be able to offer the world’s most cost-effective battery storage solution. Thanks to the unrivaled low cost and high availability of the iron-based storage medium, Iron Salt technology has great potential to shape the future of battery storage beyond lithium.

Iron Salt Battery Long Term Validation

Together with our university cooperation partners we have conducted lab validation tests and successfully confirmed the vast potential of the iron salt battery technology. The results showed a long-term stability without capacity or performance losses at an efficiency of up to 78%.

Scaling up technology

An upscaled iron salt battery demonstrator confirms our long-term test results. This allows our R&D team and our university cooperation partners to speed up material and component selection and system development towards commercial and large-scale solutions.

Iron salt battery cell development

The battery cell development for iron salt based battery systems is already ongoing. We have leveraged our broad knowledge and proven experience from the development of our vanadium-based flow battery cells, which have already been patented in 2019, to make rapid progress in the iron salt development process.