With the craft trade towards the future

Skilled workers from trades such as electronics or mechatronics are indispensable for implementing the technical innovations required for the energy transition. At VoltStorage, we not only give them the appreciation they deserve, but we also aim to offer working conditions that provide a positive outlook from both a technical and personal perspective for the future. Take, for example, our colleague Florian, whom we are supporting while he attends the master school for electronics.

Why we need electrical engineering for the energy turnaround

For such an all-encompassing future project as the energy transition and the necessary innovations to become a reality, we still need craft trades – or rather, skilled craft workers. In addition to engineers, chemists, physicists, IT, and software specialists, the innovations in renewable energy and electricity storage technology are supported by experts in fields that are still considered traditional or industrial, including electronics, mechatronics, assembly, logistics, and warehousing. Men and women in these professions make abstract technologies tangible, bring concepts into practice, and live the process.

At VoltStorage, nearly half of all employees work in these areas. They have diverse professional training and backgrounds, come from almost 20 different countries, and share a common goal: working together on solutions and products that make a fundamental contribution to the energy transition by storing renewable energies such as wind power or solar energy.

Masterful learning and working

This "Purpose" is also the reason why our employee Florian chose VoltStorage. The trained mechatronics technician came to us from Deutsche Bahn in the summer of 2021 to join the technical service team for our battery storage systems. Here, he oversees the devices both in the production halls and on site with the users.

Florian will start his one-year education as a master craftsman in electrical engineering in the fall of 2023. As a company, we are supporting him by allowing his employment to continue on a part-time basis during this time - officially called "preparation for the master craftsman's examination in the electrical engineering trade focusing on energy and building technology". He can plan his time for Voltstorage in such a way that work can be scheduled around training times. This allows Florian to take the appropriate courses for his master's degree, stay connected with our developments during this time, and also have a perspective for a job he knows and is interested in content-wise for the time after having passed his master's exam.

Even during his vocational training in mechatronics/precision engineering and physical engineering, Florian realized his passion for using his knowledge in sustainable, meaningful innovation work. "I'm interested in renewable energy and all the technologies associated with it," Florian says. "I'm proud to be a part of the energy transition with my work." The future perspective is also important to him: "After all, we are really only at the beginning in the conversion of our energy supply. There is still so much to do."

The most exciting thing for Florian so far has been to learn firsthand about customers' motivations and expectations during on-site visits. This knowledge is important for providing feedback into product and technology development. "Giving feedback, suggesting improvements, basically being able to get involved - all of this is much easier in a young company than in large, entrenched corporate structures," says Florian.

He therefore wants to leverage the experience he has gained in his previous work at VoltStorage even after his master craftsman education. With the additional qualifications - from specialist training in electrical and power engineering to personnel management - and the company having grown further by then, the bandwidth for the further career path is huge. For Florian, this is a professional dream come true. He can fully realize his interest and passion for technology and future-oriented energy and contribute to making a decisive change in our energy supply.

More space for growth and development

Technological expertise, such as Florian´s and also developed in a targeted manner, is not only an elementary component for the success and use of renewable energies, but also for the growth and development of VoltStorage. In addition, it can provide impetus - both for product development and for work processes. For this reason, the company offers targeted internal support programs for personal development and creates the best possible working environment and infrastructure for this purpose.

This also includes moving into a new location at the end of the year. Covering an area of more than 5,000 square meters, it will offer state-of-the-art working conditions, technological equipment for research & development and production, and services for employees. Instead of going to the south of Munich, Florian's commute will then take him to the northwest of the city. A change that can only be a good thing: The company and all its divisions are growing rapidly, more space is needed for production, increased development work on new technologies, the interaction of the individual teams and divisions and, finally, the establishment of new structures. This not only fosters growth but also provides employees with state-of-the-art workplaces designed to meet their needs and preferences. The best possible conditions to be able to contribute and realize your potential - just like Florian does.