Innovation Lab
Commercial Battery

With the development of the Commercial Battery based on the resource-saving vanadium redox flow storage technology, VoltStorage is making an important contribution to a more climate-friendly future.

Insights from research & development

Innovative storage technologies that make renewable energies usable around the clock and thus make a decisive contribution to the energy transition: With our research and development work, we are not setting new technological standards, but aim to redefine the future of energy storage.

After successfully launching our home storage system based on vanadium redox flow technology, we are already working intensively on the next generation of storage systems: a VoltStorage battery storage system for commercial applications. With this, we want to give commercial and agricultural companies the opportunity to rely on a resource-saving, safe and long-lasting storage solution. For 100% renewable energy around the clock. For a fairer and cleaner world for future generations.

Technology Demonstrator

With the Technology Demonstrator, VoltStorage reaches a new milestone in the development of the future commercial storage system based on vanadium redox flow technology. The Technology Demonstrator makes it possible to test new developments in the field of the hydraulic system, battery management as well as sensor technology and the battery cell stack on a realistic scale.

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Next generation: flow battery cell stack

With our patented flow battery cell design, we were the first company in the world to succeed in developing a battery cell stack for flow batteries that can be manufactured automatically and thus produced in high numbers. But we are not standing still and are already working on the next generation of flow battery cell stacks.

The experience of developing, building and operating our flow battery fleet and the analysis of more than 1,000 components and materials is enabling us to develop a new and improved flow battery cell design. This sets the course for the successful development of our “Next Generation Batteries”.