Pioneering solutions for the future are the result of passion and know-how. With its international research and development team and the world’s largest operating flow battery fleet, VoltStorage has extensive expertise and experience in the field of ecological renewable energy storage. VoltStorage is thus the world’s leading technology company for stationary flow batteries.


Innovative research

With our international research and development team and our partnering university, we are working on a large number of research projects in the field of lithium-free battery technologies. A particular focus is the revolutionary Iron Salt technology, which, due to its unrivaled low costs, has great potential to decisively shape the future of energy storage.

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VoltStorage Battery Stack and Engineer

Battery cell & component development

One of our core competencies is the development of high-performance flow battery cells – the heart of our battery storage solutions. With our patented flow battery cell design, we were the first company to succeed in developing a cell stack for flow batteries that can be manufactured automatically – a milestone in the development of a low-cost and lithium-free battery technology.

Field system monitoring

We have a battery storage fleet with a total of more than one million operating hours. The collected data and empirical values provide our team with a valuable basis for the constant optimization and further development of future products.

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Together with our international research and development team, we are working on pioneering battery storage solutions beyond lithium. In order to realize our goal of resource-saving, cost-efficient and climate-friendly batteries for various stationary applications, we are currently working on a wide range of technology projects:

Commercial Battery Demonstrator

With the launch of the Technology Demonstrator, VoltStorage reaches a new milestone in the development of the future commercial storage system based on vanadium redox flow technology. With the Technology Demonstrator, new developments in the field of the hydraulic system, the inverter, the battery management as well as the sensor technology and the battery cell stack can be tested and validated on a realistic scale.

Further current projects and milestones can be found in our Commercial Battery Innovation Lab.

Scaling up iron salt technology

By setting up an Iron Salt Battery demonstrator as a basis for development of an ecological and cost-efficient Long Duration Battery, the test results already obtained will be validated on the basis of a larger system configuration. This will allow us to further advance material and component selection as well as system development for commercial and industrial applications.

For more current projects and milestones, visit our Long Duration Battery Innovation Lab.