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Making 100% renewable energies available around the clock - that is the vision VoltStorage stands for. To realise this vision, we are developing pioneering battery solutions that are resource-efficient, cost-effective and climate-friendly.

For a liveable tomorrow

100% renewable energies around the clock for a fairer and cleaner world for future generations – this is one of the biggest challenges of our time. With the development of cost-effective and resource-saving battery storage, VoltStorage is making an important contribution to a climate-friendly future.

Renewable energy sources such as wind and sun are becoming increasingly important and will be the most important sources of energy supply in the future globally. Energy storage solutions are a key technology to reliably and cost-effectively bridge natural gaps in supply during periods of low wind and no sun and to make 100% of green energy usable. With efficient and sustainable storage solutions from VoltStorage, green energy can be made usable 24/7.

Energy storage for renewable energies – for green energy 24/7


We rely on redox flow storage technology for our batteries. This technology is particularly climate-friendly, as they do not require rare earths or conflict raw materials, are fully recyclable and are also characterized by high operational reliability and durability.

Storing green energy eco-friendly

  • 01
    Eco-friendly: no use of rare earths or conflict raw materials
  • 02
    Long-lasting: more than 10,000 charging cycles without loss of storage capacity
  • 03
    Safe: storage medium consists of non-combustible components
  • 04
    Flexible: power and capacity can be scaled independently of each other
  • 05
    CO2-saving: Proven CO2-saving and sustainable battery technology

That's energy transition


The VoltStorage success story began in 2016 as a Munich-based startup with the vision of making clean and affordable energy accessible around the clock. Since then, we have been working continuously to give our customers the opportunity to take their energy supply into their own hands and drive the energy transition forward. Today, with our storage systems we are the world's leading technology company for stationary flow batteries and make an important contribution to a climate-friendly future. With the storage systems based on ecological redox flow technology, electricity from renewable energy sources can be used regardless of the weather – eco-friendly, safe and sustainable.

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Tech know-how meets industry expertise

With our international team of experts, we have continuously developed redox flow storage technology over the past years and scaled and optimised it. The result: pioneering battery solutions that are particularly eco-friendly, safe and durable – and precisely tailored to the needs and goals of our customers.