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One common mission – many motivated minds.

Learn more about our mission, which we have been pursuing with great passion and confidence for over four years. Get to know the most important members of our team and find out how each individual contributes to offer you the safest, most sustainable and most cost-efficient energy storage system.

Our common mission.


A great idea is born.

What is the best technology to store solar power and use it around the clock? Confronted with his father’s question, our CPO & co-founder Michael Peither examined the various storage technologies intensively.

His result: Vanadium Redox Flow technology (VRF) is the best storage technology because it is particularly safe, durable and sustainable. The only obstacle: The production of VRF batteries is very expensive, as there is still no method to manufacture them automatically. A long search for viable solutions begins.



The innovative breakthrough.

Together with our two other co-founders Jakob Bitner and Felix Kiefl, the long-awaited breakthrough arrived after many failed attempts: A fully automated process for a cost-effective production of VRF batteries which was immediately registered for patent.

This technology now makes us the world’s first supplier of home storages relying on the particularly safe, long-lasting and sustainable VRF technology – thus providing a powerful and ecological alternative to conventional lithium storage devices.

Felix Kiefl und Michael Peither vor dem PC


Successful market launch

Thanks to a seven-digit investment, we were able to strengthen our team with international experts from the field of VRF research and further optimize our power storage system. This was soon followed by the successful market launch of our VoltStorage home battery system, which is in high demand among homeowners and experts.

This is a major and important step on our path to making renewable energies available around the clock and thus contributing to mitigating climate change.

Hände aufeinander gelegt


VoltStorage’s 2nd Generation

This year we are presenting our second storage generation: The VoltStorage SMART. Homeowners now have the opportunity to purchase our safe, long-lasting and ecological storage solution at a particularly affordable all-inclusive price starting from 6,999 Euro including professional installation. This is because we believe that more energy independence and more climate protection should remain affordable. We are working on keeping it this way in the future. We promise.

VoltStorage Stromspeicher

Our founding Team

Jakob Bitner

CEO + Co-Founder

“The energy transition is a great opportunity to make the world a cleaner and fairer place. Storing electricity in order to least partially uncouple production and consumption is an important factor in its success. With VoltStorage we want to make our own contribution to this.”

Michael Peither

CTO & Co-Founder

“With VoltStorage we are reacting to the turned solar industry: Due to lower feed-in tariffs, feeding back to the grid for refinancing the PV system is no longer attractive to homeowners. The alternative: use your self-generated electricity yourself – with safe and economical storage solutions.”

Felix Kiefl

CPO & Co-Founder

“We want to make renewable energies available – everywhere and at any time. Self-sufficiency with solar energy is to become the standard. Our goal with VoltStorage is to make a significant contribution to energy supply from 100 percent renewable sources.”

Our most important minds.

VoltStorage Team

Dr. Antonio Rodolfo dos Santos

„Battery research has been my great passion for over 15 years! Soon it became clear to me that I also wanted to do a PhD in this area. Now at VoltStorage, I’m working with my team to develop battery cells – so we can produce the safest and most environmentally friendly energy storage solution for you!“
VoltStorage Team

Weiyiping Huang

„Planning, designing and developing – already during my time in China and the US, mechanical engineering was precisely what drove me professionally. At VoltStorage, together with other colleagues, I’m responsible for the assembly planning of all the battery components – so that you receive a perfectly assembled home battery.“
VoltStorage Team

Dr. Pavel Mardilovich

„As someone who received his PhD in materials science, optimizing and developing new materials is my passion. At VoltStorage, I mainly deal with the materials used to build the battery cells, so that we can offer you an efficient and powerful energy storage system.“
VoltStorage Team

David Bauske

„Together with my team, I take care of the IT infrastructure of the storage devices. In practical terms, this means transferring the performance data of your home battery in a way that in the future we can develop updates to better tailor your energy storage unit to the needs of your household – and thus make it even more effective.“
VoltStorage Team

Antonin Boudon

„The special feature of our solar power storage solution is that the power is stored in a liquid – more precisely, in 220 liters of vanadium electrolyte. I handle the formulation of this electrolyte fluid, so that your home battery can store large amounts of self-produced solar power for many years to come.“
VoltStorage Team

Franziska Kadric

„As HR manager at VoltStorage, I am responsible for recruiting new employees. Because of the ever-growing demand, we are constantly expanding our team – so that we may soon be able to provide you with the first profitable solar power storage system for your own home.”
VoltStorage Team

André Graceffa

„Website, social media, PR or newsletters – wherever you read about VoltStorage, my marketing team is probably behind it. Our goal is to show you in a transparent and understandable way what makes VoltStorage the safest, most ecological and cost-effective solar powered storage solution.“
VoltStorage Team

Veronika Peters

„Design is meant to make complex subjects clear. I follow this philosophy at VoltStorage with a lot of creativity and passion with regard to all design tasks – ranging from our website and information material to product photos and videos. Always trying to get you even more in touch with the safest and most ecological power storage.“
VoltStorage Team

Adrian Menzel

„As a full stack developer I am responsible for the programming and refinement of the VoltStorage App. After all, we want you to have all the important data about your home storage, your photovoltaic system and your power consumption in view at all times – down to the second.“
VoltStorage Team

Josef Egle

„Each storage unit consists of over 800 individual components that must be ordered or produced on time. My job at VoltStorage is to coordinate the ordering, production and delivery process behind it – so that soon after your place your order, you can enjoy: “I Power My Home”.“
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