VoltStorage SMART Stromspeicher für Privathaushalte

The cost-efficient redox-flow power storage system for private homes.

The VoltStorage SMART is the most affordable all-in-one solution on the market – and at the same time the world’s first cost-efficient home storage based on the particularly safe, durable and ecological vanadium redox flow technology. Buy your home storage system now and have it ready for installation from January 2019 onwards.


VoltStorage SMART was voted one of the most innovative energy storage solutions of 2018 by the jury of experts at ees Europe, Europe’s largest trade fair for storage systems.

“The fully automated production of the redox-flow battery stack combines high product quality with an attractive price for the entire system.”

Jury of experts ees Europe

ees Award Finalisten Siegel

Successful large-scale storage technology for your home.

With the VoltStorage SMART you are bringing the same innovative storage technology into your own home that is also used in Germany’s largest battery: Vanadium Redox Flow (VRF). While it usually occupies large warehouses, the VoltStorage SMART only needs 0.5m².
Thanks to patented production techniques and innovative development work, the VoltStorage SMART is the world’s first cost-efficient power storage system for private homes based on VRF technology. This makes our all-in-one device a safe, long-lasting and environmentally friendly alternative to conventional lithium batteries.
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Vanadium redox flow storage technology allows you and your family to store your solar power safely without exception. In contrast to conventional storage systems, it is absolutely impossible to catch fire.
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Our home battery based on vanadium redox flow storage technology can be frequently charged and discharged over long periods of time without losing any capacity. This makes our system the most durable battery storage on the market.
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We are consciously breaking new ground by relying on vanadium as an ecological storage alternative to lithium. Vanadium is a natural by-product of iron production and can be recycled with minimal energy input.

A Scalable Storage System

Any number of VoltStorage SMART batteries can be connected in series as part of a multi-storage system. This way you can increase the capacity of your energy storage system and adapt it even better to the power demands of your household.
VoltStorage SMART
VoltStorage SMART
Total Power
1.5 kW
Total Capacity
6.8 kWh
Energy Storage System Compatibility

PV system and PV inverter

Photovoltaic systems generally produce direct current (DC). Since household appliances cannot process direct current but only alternating current (AC), each PV system has an inverter. This converts the self-produced direct current into alternating current and conducts it into the domestic grid.

VoltStorage measuring module

Our specially developed measuring module is installed in the fuse box. It measures how much solar power is produced and how high the current electricity demand of the household is.

The storage system is connected to the measuring module and uses the measured data to control the charging process so that unused solar power is stored in order to increase self-consumption. If more electricity is needed from the household than can be provided by the PV system, the storage system automatically delivers electricity to the household.

VoltStorage SMART Home Battery

Since the VoltStorage SMART is connected directly to the house grid (so-called AC coupling), it is compatible for all households – regardless of which photovoltaic system and which PV inverter is used.

The required battery inverter is already integrated in the storage system. Therefore it does not have to be purchased additionally, as is the case with many power storage units.

100% System Compatibility

To guarantee full compatibility of the storage system with all households with photovoltaic systems, we rely on an AC-guided system. AC systems are designed in such a way that self-produced solar power is initially converted into alternating current inside the PV inverter so that it can be used by the household.

In order to store the solar power not used by the household, it is necessary to convert alternating current back to direct current. This conversion is carried out by our self-developed battery inverter which has been specially designed for VRF batteries. VoltStorage home batteries can thus be used in all households with photovoltaic systems.

Automatic System Optimization

Thanks to the server connection via WLAN / Ethernet, the storage system can be upgraded automatically and without maintenance. This allows you to continuously optimize the charging and discharging logic of your battery storage and to further increase the efficiency of the overall system. You are hence provided with a home storage that is always up-to-date with the latest control software.

Automatische System-Optimierungen

WLAN & Ethernet connection

The VoltStorage SMART power storage can be connected via WLAN or Ethernet cable to the Internet and thus to the VoltStorage server. This enables automatic software updates to be received that optimize the battery management.

This means that all VoltStorage SMART systems will always be up to date with the latest software.

Server-controlled system optimizations

The VoltStorage Server can automatically provide the storage system with updates to continuously optimize the battery management. By using weather and performance data, intelligent charging and discharging logics will be available in the medium term, enabling an increase in system efficiency. The possibility of SmartHome integration is also planned. In this way, smart household appliances can be linked to the power storage in order to further optimise own consumption.


Professional Installation

Our specialist partner guarantees a diligent installation within a few hours.

100% Wartungsfreiheit


The battery system is 100% maintenance-free.


Battery Monitoring

With our VoltStorage App you can always see all of your home storage’s data at a glance.


Thanks to proven vanadium redox flow storage technology, you can use your self-produced solar power even more efficiently in the future. Pre-order your VoltStorage SMART power storage now and have it ready for installation from January 2019 onwards.

incl. VAT, installation, inverter & app
VoltStorage Stromspeicher
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