VoltStorage SMART Stromspeicher

The ecological redox flow power storage system for private homes

The VoltStorage SMART is the most environmentally friendly, safest and most durable power storage system for private households with PV systems. Thanks to vanadium redox flow storage technology, the VoltStorage SMART is one of the most innovative storage solutions for 2018.

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  • Cont. power output: 1.5 kW | Capacity: 6.2 kWh
  • 3-phase compensation with 1-phase operation
  • Vanadium redox flow storage technology
  • No use of rare raw materials or conflict materials
  • High durability incl. 100% capacity guarantee
  • High operational safety and 100% non-flammable
  • Compatible with any PV system and easy to retrofit
  • Self-sufficiency optimisation for households with PV systems
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With the VoltStorage SMART you can store surplus solar power and use it when the sun is not shining. This increases your self-consumption level on average by 135% and thus helps you gain more energy independence.

800 KG OF CO2 Savings PER YEAR

With the VoltStorage SMART energy storage system based on Vanadium Redox Flow technology, you can use climate-friendly solar energy independent of the weather and around the clock – and help to combat climate change.

Mehr C02 sparen mit Solarstromspeicher
VoltStorage SMART Heimspeicher VoltStorage SMART Heimspeicher VoltStorage SMART Heimspeicher VoltStorage SMART Mehrspeichersystem
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In order to make you more independent from the electricity market, we rely on VRF technology. This ecological and particularly safe battery technology is the only storage solution that offers you a long service life without capacity losses.


The VoltStorage SMART can be loaded and unloaded as often as desired without losing capacity. While the capacity of conventional storage systems drops to 80% within ten years, the capacity of the VoltStorage SMART remains at 100%.

VoltStorage SMART Stromspeicher


The VoltStorage SMART can be installed in any household with a PV system – regardless of whether the PV system has been in operation for some time or is just being installed. The VoltStorage SMART can therefore be retrofitted at any time.


The VoltStorage SMART enables single-phase operation with 3-phase compensation. This ensures that all consumers within your own home can be supplied with power via your storage system.

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The VoltStorage SMART does not use confltic resources nor rare materials such as lithium or cobalt. The main energy carrier is vanadium, which is a by-product of iron production and can be recycled at low energy levels.

100 Euro Recycling Bonus

Battery owners can return their VoltStorage SMART at the end of its lifetime. VoltStorage takes care of the disassembly, removal and recycling of all components. In return, battery owners receive a recycling bonus of 100 euros.

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Thanks to the server connection via WLAN / Ethernet, the storage system can be upgraded automatically and without maintenance. This allows you to continuously optimize the charging and discharging logic of your battery storage and to further increase the efficiency of the overall system. You are hence provided with a home storage that is always up-to-date with the latest control software.

Server-controlled system optimizations

The VoltStorage Server can automatically provide the storage system with updates to continuously optimize the battery management. By using weather and performance data, intelligent charging and discharging logics will be available in the medium term, enabling an increase in system efficiency. The possibility of SmartHome integration is also planned. In this way, smart household appliances can be linked to the power storage in order to further optimise own consumption.

WLAN & Ethernet connection

The VoltStorage SMART power storage can be connected via WLAN or Ethernet cable to the Internet and thus to the VoltStorage server. This enables automatic software updates to be received that optimize the battery management.

This means that all VoltStorage SMART systems will always be up to date with the latest software.


The VoltStorage SMART is an all-in-one solution, also including the professional installation. This is done by our in-house technicians or selected specialist partners, who are trained and certified specifically for our storage system.


Thanks to the Wi-Fi connection, we rely on a server-controlled remote maintenance system. This enables us to monitor all processes of the power storage unit. On-site maintenance therefore becomes unnecessary and hence, the VoltStorage SMART is 100% maintenance-free.

VoltStorage App


The energy carrier of the VoltStorage SMART consists of non-flammable materials – consisting mostly of pure water. This makes the VoltStorage SMART 100 percent non-flammable and guarantees your family absolute operational safety.


With the VoltStorage App you have access to all important data about your home storage, your PV system and your power consumption. Additionally, you can see how much CO2 you have already saved with your VoltStorage SMART.

VoltStorage App on Smartphone

A scalable storage system

Any number of VoltStorage SMART batteries can be connected in series as part of a multi-storage system. This way you can increase the capacity of your energy storage system and adapt it even better to the power demands of your household.

VoltStorage SMART
VoltStorage SMART
Total Power
1.5 kW
Total Capacity
6.2 kWh

Technical Data

  • Power (cont.): 1.5 kW
  • Capacity: 6.2 kWh
  • 3-phase compensation with 1-phase operation
  • 10,000 charging cycles with 100% capacity guarantee
  • Dimensions (mm): 1406 x 580x 580
  • Warranty: 10 years
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Note: You will find the privacy policy regarding the processing of the data you submit on our Website

Note: You will find the privacy policy regarding the processing of the data you submit on our Website

Note: You will find the privacy policy regarding the processing of the data you submit on our Website

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