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Power generation
Power generation

VoltStorage is part of the State Garden Show in ingolstadt

The State Garden Show in Ingolstadt will take place from April 21 to October 3, 2021, and is dedicated entirely to the theme of sustainability. In addition to diverse show and theme gardens, the so-called “city laboratory” inspires with forward-looking exhibition topics such as vertical farming, ecological agriculture and climate-neutral energy generation. With our VoltStorage SMART storage system based on the ecological vanadium redox flow technology, we are part of the future-oriented energy module of the State Garden Show in Ingolstadt and show how climate-friendly power generation can be realized.

visionary: the energy module in the city laboratory

Climate-friendly power generation from wind and sun supported by our environmentally friendly VoltStorage SMART power storage system – that is the energy module of the Bavarian State Garden Show in Ingolstadt. Together with our project partners, we will provide a climate-friendly power supply in the so-called “city laboratory” of the garden show grounds during the six-month garden show event. In this way, we want to demonstrate that a climate-friendly power supply from renewable energies is already possible today.

Das Energie-Modul der Landesgartenschau Ingolstadt
Exhibition area of the energy module of the State Garden Show in Ingolstadt

Three system solutions in one energy module:


Redox flow storage system

PV facade modules

Vertical wind turbine

Live: the status of the energy module

Currently, innovative photovoltaic façade modules and a vertical wind turbine provide part of the power supply for the city laboratory at the Ingolstadt State Garden Show. Surplus solar and wind energy is stored in our VoltStorage SMART storage system and then retrieved when there is not enough energy available.

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Power Grid
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Energy Module
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City Laboratory

Ecological Power Storage by voltstorage

With our environmentally friendly VoltStorage SMART power storage system, we ensure that a climate-friendly power supply is possible even during periods of low wind and low sun. Unlike conventional storage systems, VoltStorage SMART is based on Vanadium Redox Flow technology. This offers important advantages for homeowners who want climate-friendly energy around the clock.

VoltStorage SMART home battery

The VoltStorage SMART is the most ecological, safest and longest-lasting energy storage system for private households. Thanks to vanadium redox flow technology, VoltStorage SMART is one of the most innovative storage solutions.

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Geballte Faust auf türkisblauem Hintergrund

The ecological alternative to lithium

Lithium-based power storage systems must be questioned in ecological terms. Thanks to Vanadium Redox Flow storage technolgy, we offer private households a sustainable and resource-saving alternative.

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Zwei Männer am Tablet in Forschungsabteilung

Vanadium Redox Flow Technology

Thanks to patented production technology, we are bringing the successful Vanadium Redox Flow storage technology into your own four walls for the first time – giving you the longest-lasting storage technology on the market.

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Familie auf Terasse

100% not flammable

VoltStorage energy storage systems are 100% not flammable, making them the safest family and home battery solution on the market.

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Saving more CO2 with VoltStorage

With the VoltStorage SMART solar battery based on eco-friendly Vanadium Redox Flow technology, you can use CO2-free solar energy around the clock – and make an important contribution against climate change.

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VoltStorage Stromspeicher in Verpackungen

Energy storage Made in Germany

With the VoltStorage SMART home battery system you can rely on an eco-friendly energy storage solution that was fully developed in Germany. This provides you with high product quality “Made in Germany”.

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definitly worth a visit

You will find the energy module of the Ingolstadt State Garden Show in the so-called “city laboratory” of the open-air grounds. There you will find numerous future-oriented exhibitions such as urban farming, green roofs or ecological facades.

Geländeplan der Landesgartenschau

Our energy module project partners:

Logo von Module Blue

modulbluE is the originator of the energy module and leads the entire project organization.

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LuvSide provides the vertical wind turbine that characterizes the image of the energy module.

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Logo von Bauer Energietechnik

Bauer Energietechnik enabled the installation of the innovative PV façade modules.

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