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VoltStorage – the safest home battery on the market

Safety plays an essential role in energy storage – especially within one’s own home. For this reason, VoltStorage uses Vanadium Redox Flow technology, which, unlike conventional power storage systems, is 100% non-flammable.

Safety analysis of storage technologies

Lithium is highly sensitive

As lithium is very light and has a high energy density, small batteries with a high storage capacity can be developed. Lithium batteries are therefore the best storage solution for mobile devices. However, there are safer alternatives for solar power storage systems.

The reason: lithium is highly sensitive. Contact with water, physical damage, or even low temperatures can lead to fires and explosions and seriously jeopardize operational safety.

Safety standards for lithium battery storage

  • The Federal Association for Energy Storage lists 41 safety hazards for lithium-ion energy storage in its safety guide.
  •  The Federal Office of Civil Aviation prohibits the transport of lithium batteries above 100 watt hours – for fire prevention.
  • Larger lithium batteries may only be shipped worldwide in tested packaging and labled as hazardous good.

Lead is not always safe

Power storage systems based on lead-sulphuric acid are significantly safer than lithium-ion batteries. However, risks cannot be entirely ruled out here either. This is because detonating gas can escape when lead batteries are overcharged.

This detonating gas is a mixture of hydrogen and oxygen that is highly explosive in contact with fire or sparks.

Safety standards for lead battery storage

To prevent overcharging and thus the escape of highly explosive oxyhydrogen gas, lead-based power storage devices must be adequately ventilated. Only then can safe operation be guaranteed.

For this reason, it is advisable to consult a specialist when choosing a storage location to check whether sufficient ventilation is provided.

The safest home battery systems by VoltStorage

The vanadium redox flow storage technology provided by VoltStorage proves that safe energy storage is possible without limitations. Unlike conventional battery systems, we use vanadium as a storage medium which is dissolved in water. Due to the high water content (80%), fire can be 100% excluded.
VoltStorage home battery systems are thus the only established storage systems on the market that guarantee highest operational reliability for you and your family – allowing you to safely store your self-generated solar power.


The VRF battery system is 100% not flammable.


The storage medium consists mostly of pure water.

Why VoltStorage Home Battery?

The ecological alternative to lithium

Lithium-based power storage systems must be questioned in ecological terms. Thanks to Vanadium Redox Flow storage technology, we offer private housholds a sustainable and resource-saving alternative.

More about the ecological alternative

Transparent all-in-one service

We make sure that your storage system is compatible with your house and gets professionally installed. With the VoltStorage App you can also view the most important data of your storage and pv system.

Our all-in-one service

More energy independence

Use more of your self-generated solar power at home and thus save on your electricity bill – with our power storage device you and your family gain more independence from the energy market and rising electricity prices.

How to become more independent

Climate protection with home battery

Rising temperatures around the globe represent one of the greatest challenges of our time. We face up to this challenge and enable you to prevent the release of up to 800 kg CO2 per year with the help of our storage solutions.

More about environmental protection

Most durable storage technology

Thanks to our patented production technology, we deliver the long proven vanadium redox flow storage technology to private homes for the first time – and thus enable you the most durable storage technology available.

How power gets stored

More safety for your family!

Store surplus solar power and use it around the clock while feeling at ease. With VoltStorage’s secure battery storage, you rely on the only storage system that is 100% non-flammable. Learn more and request an offer including installation:

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Note: You will find the privacy policy regarding the processing of the data you submit on our Website

Note: You will find the privacy policy regarding the processing of the data you submit on our Website

Note: You will find the privacy policy regarding the processing of the data you submit on our Website

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