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Storing solar
energy safely
Storing solar
energy safely

VoltStorage – the safest home battery on the market

Safety plays an essential role in energy storage – especially within one’s own home. With VoltStorage SMART home battery, you and your family can rely on the safest energy storage solution on the market.

Safety analysis of Energy storage technologies

Most energy storage systems available on the market are based on lithium. Comparing the risk potential and the safety requirements for lithium energy storage with battery solutions based on Vanadium Redox Flow (VRF) technology shows: VRF systems allow safe and risk-free storage of electrical energy.



Fire risk always given

Since lithium is very lightweight and has a high energy density, small batteries with high capacity can be developed. Lithium batteries are therefore considered the best battery solution for mobile devices. However, there are safer alternatives for solar energy storage. The reason: lithium is highly sensitive. Contact with water, damage, or too cold temperatures can cause fires and explosions and seriously endanger operational safety.

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Vanadium Redox Flow

100% not flammable

Vanadium Redox Flow energy storage systems rely on a vanadium based electrolyte liquid as storage medium. The vanadium electrolyte used is 100% not flammable even when exposed to external influences and extreme temperatures or system damage. The Vanadium Redox Flow technology provides highest operational safety for storing electrical energy and is ideally suited for use in private households.



Strict safety requirements

The German Federal Association for Energy Storage Systems lists in its Safety Guide 41 sources of danger for lithium-based energy storage systems, that have to be strictly observed for a safe operation. Severe measures must also be taken when shipping lithium storage systems. Due to the risk of fire and explosion, these may only be transported and shipped in specially tested packaging with dangerous goods labelling.

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Vanadium Redox Flow

Storing electricity without safety requirements

For the use of energy storage systems based on Vanadium Redox Flow technology, no safety-relevant requirements have to be considered. Reason: Redox Flow batteries have a particularly high operational safety and thus differ significantly from other solar energy storage systems available on the market. Redox Flow systems are therefore an ideal alternative for home owners who value a safe energy storage solution.

Storing solar energy safely with VoltStorage

With VoltStorage SMART home battery, you and your family can rely on particularly safe Vanadium Redox Flow storage technology. This allows you to store your self-produced solar energy with the highest operational safety.


100% not flammable

VoltStorage energy storage systems are 100% not flammable, making them the safest family and home battery solution on the market.


Very high share of water

The electrolyte, that serves as a storage medium, consists of not flammable materials – including large quantities of water.


No risk of explosion

The particularly safe Vanadium Redox Flow storage technology of the VoltStorage SMART offers the highest level of safety.

VoltStorage owners rely on highest operational safety:

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Why VoltStorage Home Battery?

The ecological alternative to lithium

Lithium-based power storage systems must be questioned in ecological terms. Thanks to Vanadium Redox Flow storage technology, we offer private housholds a sustainable and resource-saving alternative.

More about the ecological alternative

Free data monitoring via VoltStorage App

With the VoltStorage App you have access to all data around your energy storage system, your PV system, your power consumption and your C02 emission savings – at any time and on all devices.

Learn more about the VoltStorage App

More energy independence

Use more of your self-generated solar power at home and thus save on your electricity bill – with our power storage device you and your family gain more independence from the energy market and rising electricity prices.

How to become more independent

Saving more CO2 with VoltStorage

With the VoltStorage SMART based on eco-friendly Vanadium Redox Flow technology, you can use C02-free solar energy around the clock – and make an important contribution against climate change.

How can I save CO2 with VoltStorage?

Most durable storage technology

Thanks to our patented production technology, we deliver the long proven vanadium redox flow storage technology to private homes for the first time – and thus enable you the most durable storage technology available.

How power gets stored

Energy storage Made in Germany

With the VoltStorage SMART home battery system you can rely on an eco-friendly energy storage solution that was fully developed in Germany. This provides you with high product quality “Made in Germany”.

Learn more about "Made in Germany"

More safety for your family!

Store surplus solar power and use it around the clock while feeling at ease. With the VoltStorage SMART, you can count on the safest energy storage system on the market. Learn more and request an offer including installation:

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Note: You will find the privacy policy regarding the processing of the data you submit on our Website

Note: You will find the privacy policy regarding the processing of the data you submit on our Website

Note: You will find the privacy policy regarding the processing of the data you submit on our Website

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