Our batteries from the VoltStorage Commercial line have been specially developed for various applications in commerce, industry and agriculture. Use more of your cost-effective, eco-friendly and self-generated energy from regenerative power plants, increase your degree of self-sufficiency and thus reduce your operating costs - with storage systems from VoltStorage.

Optimise your self-consumption for more independence and security

VoltStorage VDIUM C50

Optimal energy for agriculture, industry & commercial

The VoltStorage VDIUM C50 has a storage capacity of 50 kWh and a system output of 10 kW and can be expanded as needed to suit your generation and meet your consumption. Thanks to the integrated battery inverter, the AC-coupled system solution is compatible with all power generation systems and can therefore also be easily integrated into an already existing infrastructure. With over 10,000 charging cycles and a service life of more than 20 years, the system is one of the longest-lasting storage systems currently available on the market.


The system is based on the eco-friendly, durable and safe vanadium redox flow storage technology.

Complete AC system

The VoltStorage VDIUM C50 comes with an integrated battery inverter and energy management system as standard.

Made in Germany

The VoltStorage Commercial is developed and produced in Munich – quality made in Germany.

  • Complete AC system Read more

    The VoltStorage VDIUM C50 comes standard with an integrated battery inverter and energy management system.

  • Intelligent software Read more

    The integrated battery management software enables live monitoring and control of generation assets and energy consumption.

  • High usable capacity Read more

    VoltStorage's battery storage has a depth of discharge of 100 %, making its entire rated capacity available for use.

  • No capacity losses Read more

    Unlike lithium-based batteries, VoltStorage Commercial can be charged and discharged as often as required without losing storage capacity.

  • High operational safety Read more

    The storage medium of the system consists to a very large extent of water and vanadium and is neither flammable nor combustible.

  • Outdoor-capable Read more

    Designed for outdoor installation and operation, the VoltStorage Commercial is weather resistant and IP 54 splash and dust proof.

  • Flexible applicable Read more

    The energy storage systems are cascadable and suitable for both retrofits and new installations. In addition, they are compatible with all power generation systems.

  • Maintenance-free Read more

    The VoltStorage Commercial is 100 % maintenance-free.

  • 20 years warranty Read more

    The system's storage medium is granted a manufacturer's warranty of 10,000 charging cycles or 20 years.

  • Made in Germany Read more

    As a leading technology company for redox flow battery systems, VoltStorage has unique expertise. Research, development and production Made in Germany.

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