Next Generation
Next Generation

Lithium-free batteries for 100% renewables

100% renewable energies day & night for a fairer and cleaner world for future generations – this is the greatest challenge of our time. With the development of cost-effective and resource-saving battery storage solutions for stationary applications, VoltStorage is making an important contribution to a climate-friendly future.

why battery solutions beyond lithium are needed

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10.65 TWh

are needed to power 100% of the USA by batteries for 24 hours


of the annual lithium production volume
would be needed to provide this amount of electricity
from lithium batteries alone.

VoltStorage – shaping the future of energy storage

With our multi-technology approach, we create pioneering solutions for shaping the future of battery storage beyond lithium. We focus particularly on resource-saving, cost-efficient and climate-friendly battery storage technologies. For a fairer and cleaner world for future generations.

Resource-saving technologies

With the iron salt battery technology, we are using an iron-based storage medium – and thus one of the most abundant materials in the world.

World’s cheapest battery solution

With the pioneering iron salt battery technology, we are striving to develop the world’s cheapest stationary battery, with storage costs of 50€ per kWh.

CO2-saving battery systems

With the vanadium redox flow technology we are using a proven battery technology that requires 37% less CO2 emissions throughout production than comparable lithium based batteries.

Technologies of the “Next Generation Batteries”


Vanadium redox flow technology

The vanadium redox flow technology was developed by the US space agency NASA in the 1970s. With its international team of experts, VoltStorage has taken this resource-saving storage technology to a new level in recent years.

Iron salt technology

Unrivaled 50€ per kWh: The iron salt technology is destined to shape the future of battery storage beyond lithium, because of the widely available and low-cost iron-based storage medium.

Two VoltStorage Researcher in the Laboratory

numerous applications

Thanks to our multi-technology approach, we are developing next generation batteries across the entire range of applications: residential, commercial, and grid-scale. This is how we are making an important contribution to a climate-friendly future.

Commercial storage

With the vanadium redox flow and the iron salt technology, we have two options in the medium term to enable commercial customers with different energy demands to cover their base load during periods of low wind energy or low solar energy production.

Large-scale solutions

The iron salt battery technology is ideal for large-scale solar parks or wind farms and will become mandatory for viable business models in the future.


High-temperature environments

High ambient temperatures have so far prevented the adoption of battery storage systems in regions of the world where it is required the most. With the iron salt technology, we are developing a battery technology that is particularly well suited for high ambient temperature environments worldwide.

voltstorage is technology market leader

VoltStorage is the leading technology company for stationary flow batteries. With its international research and development team and the largest operating fleet of flow batteries in the world, VoltStorage has accumulated extensive expertise and experience which we continue to leverage to stay at the forefront of flow battery technology.