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energy storage
energy storage

Eco-Friendly Energy storage without lithium thanks to Redox Flow technology

The comparison between lithium based energy storage systems and battery solutions based on Vanadium Redox Flow (VRFB) technology shows: VRFB systems from VoltStorage enable more environmentally friendly and resource-saving energy storage.

Resource Extraction: Vanadium Redox Flow more ecological than Lithium

The most common type of lithium battery is composed of five raw materials: lithium, nickel, manganese, cobalt and graphite. Above all, the extraction of lithium and cobalt causes massive ecological and humanitarian problems. The situation is different for energy storage systems based on Vanadium Redox Flow technology. The resources required for this technology can be obtained without overexploitation of man and nature, as the following comparison of the two technologies shows:



Lithium mining threatens ecosystems

The largest lithium reserves are located in one of the most water-poor regions of South America. The lithium dissolved in groundwater is pumped to the surface and enriched with fresh water. The evaporation of water leaves a green lithium-containing liquid behind. As there is little rainfall in the region, the water reserves cannot recover from the lithium mining. As a result, water scarcity threatens the local population and biodiversity.

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Vanadium Redox Flow

Vanadium extraction as by-product

Vanadium Redox Flow energy storage systems rely on vanadium as a storage medium. Vanadium is mainly extracted as a by-product of iron production. The smelting residue that is produced during iron production contains up to 25 percent vanadium. Vanadium is thus extracted during the production of one of the most important materials on earth – and therefore without overexploitation of nature and effects on our ecosystems



Increased deployment of conflict materials

The conflict material cobalt is largely required for the production of lithium battery cells. The world’s largest production volumes come from Congo, where tens of thousands of workers, mostly barefoot, make cobalt mining possible in often unsecured and steeply sloping shafts. The precarious working conditions mean that the lives of the workers are at great risk, especially during the rainy season, when the unsecured corridors and earth shafts collapse.

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Vanadium Redox Flow

No rare earths or conflict raw materials

Energy storage systems based on the eco-friendly Vanadium Redox Flow technology do not require the use of conflict materials or rare earths. The electrolyte liquid used for energy storage consists to a very large extent of pure water. The vanadium dissolved in the electrolyte, in turn, is one of the twenty most frequently occurring elements in the earth’s crust and thus represents a particularly resource-safe metal.

CO2 emissions: Vanadium redox flow More climate-friendly than lithium

A scientific thesis at the Technical University of Munich was able to show that VoltStorage energy storage systems have ecological advantages over lithium systems in terms of their CO2 footprint. The scope of the detailed analysis was to compare the CO2 emissions of VoltStorage’s Vanadium Redox Flow energy storage system and comparable lithium battery systems with regard of resource extraction and production. The result: VoltStorage energy storage systems produce up to 37% less C02 emissions.

CO2 footprint VoltStorage SMART battery

Recycling: Vanadium redox flow More resource-efficient than lithium

When manufacturing climate-friendly energy storage systems, the recyclability of the materials used is of great importance. A comparison of the recycling process between battery systems based on Vanadium Redox Flow (VRFB) technology and lithium systems shows a clear picture: VRFB solutions have a higher recycling rate and are therefore significantly more resource-friendly.



High energy use & low recycling rate

Lithium cells are melted down in a blast furnace to extract cobalt and manganese. A slag of lithium, iron and aluminum remains. A very energy- and cost-intensive process is required to extract lithium from this slag. This often makes lithium recycling uneconomic. Instead, the lithium slag is mostly used in the concrete industry.

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Vanadium Redox Flow

100% recyclable thanks to low energy use

The vanadium containing electrolyte liquid, which serves as a storage medium is heated to only 70 degrees in a low-energy process. The dissolved vanadium thus regains its solid state and can be easily filtered out. In contrast to lithium-based systems, Vanadium Redox Flow energy storage systems thus enable a closed recycling cycle.

Why VoltStorage Home Battery?

Saving more CO2 with VoltStorage

With the VoltStorage SMART based on eco-friendly Vanadium Redox Flow technology, you can use C02-free solar energy around the clock – and make an important contribution against climate change.

How can I save CO2 with VoltStorage?

Free data monitoring via VoltStorage App

With the VoltStorage App you have access to all data around your energy storage system, your PV system, your power consumption and your C02 emission savings – at any time and on all devices.

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More energy independence

Use more of your self-generated solar power at home and thus save on your electricity bill – with our power storage device you and your family gain more independence from the energy market and rising electricity prices.

How to become more independent

Energy storage Made in Germany

With the VoltStorage SMART home battery system you can rely on an eco-friendly energy storage solution that was fully developed in Germany. This provides you with high product quality “Made in Germany”.

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Storing power - safer than ever

Conventional lithium- or lead-based power storage systems cannot guarantee full operational safety. Thanks to Vanadium Redox Flow technology, you can rely on the only storage system that is 100% non-flammable.

This is why VoltStorage is so safe

Most durable storage technology

Thanks to our patented production technology, we deliver the long proven vanadium redox flow storage technology to private homes for the first time – and thus enable you the most durable storage technology available.

How power gets stored

VoltStorage’s lithium alternative

Store self-produced solar power – and do so ecologically and sustainably without the use of lithium. With VoltStorage’s home battery systems you can rely on one of the most environmentally friendly storage systems. Learn more and request an offer including installation:

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Note: You will find the privacy policy regarding the processing of the data you submit on our Website

Note: You will find the privacy policy regarding the processing of the data you submit on our Website

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