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We answer
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In case your question is not answered here, you can contact our VoltStorage support team for private customers. They will answer you within 24 hours on weekdays and give you individual advice on your storage plans!

Connection & Installation

The VoltStorage SMART can be installed in an ambient temperature of 0° – 35°, so the storage system should be placed inside your house. To shorten the installation time, we recommend installing the power storage near your fuse box (up to 5 meters away).
It should also be noted that the VoltStorage SMARTis designed for floor mounting and must therefore be placed on firm ground.
To guarantee full compatibility of the VoltStorage SMART power storage with all photovoltaic systems, we rely on an AC-coupled system. AC systems are designed in such a way that self-produced solar power is first converted into alternating current in the photovoltaic inverter, so that it can be used directly by the household.
In order to store surplus solar power not used by the household, a conversion from alternating to direct current is necessary. This conversion is carried out by an integrated battery inverter which has been specifically optimized for home storages based on vanadium redox flow technology. Our VoltStorage Smart is therefore compatible with all photovoltaic systems.
To ensure full compatibility of the VoltStorage Smart power storage with all photovoltaic systems, we rely on an AC-guided system. Our VoltStorage SMART is therefore compatible with both single-phase and multi-phase photovoltaic systems.
After successful installation, the VoltStorage SMART power storage device must be connected to the Internet via WiFi or Ethernet cable in order to regularly receive automatic software updates that continuously optimize the charging and discharging logic of the storage system and further increase the efficiency of the overall system.
In addition, the battery storage needs to be connected to the Internet in order to access current and past data about your power storage, your photovoltaic system and your power consumption via the VoltStorage App.

Operating Options

As long as the power-to-heat system or heat pump does not run via its own meters, the system can be coupled to the power storage and operated through it.
Electric vehicles can be charged via the VoltStorage SMART. Depending on the size of the storage system or the number of SMART power storage units installed and the amount of solar power stored, e-vehicles can be charged for small to medium driving distances, provided that a large proportion of the total capacity is used.

Storage System

The DC efficiency of energy storage systems depends on the area of use and the power that is drawn. Our storage system is optimized for use as a solar power storage device and for an output range of up to 800 watts which covers most of the power requirements of a household. This enables us to achieve DC efficiencies of over 80%.
The weight of the storage system without electrolyte liquid is 60 kg. After filling the two electrolyte tanks, the total weight of the VoltStorage SMART is 362 kg. For this reason, the 220 litre vanadium electrolyte is only filled into the liquid tanks by a specialist installer after the VoltStorage SMART has been completely set up.
In theory, the proven vanadium redox flow storage technology enables decoupling performance and capacity, which is why the capacity can be increased by increasing the amount of liquid regardless of performance. In practice, however, mechanical challenges arise that significantly increase the additional costs for a freely scalable capacity.
However, our goal is to offer cost-efficient storage systems, which is why we deliberately renounce a free configuration of the storage capacity.
Any number of VoltStorage SMART battery systems can be connected in series within a multi-storage system. This way you can easily increase the performance and capacity of your power storage system and adapt it even better to the power requirements of your household.
With our VoltStorage App you can access current and past data about your VoltStorage SMART battery, your photovoltaic system and the power consumption of your household. You will receive the access data to the VoltStorage App from us in time before the installation date.
The VoltStorage App can be accessed via any web browser via PC, tablet and smartphone and can be downloaded as Android and iOS App in the respective App Stores from autumn 2018 onwoards.

Medium-term capacity losses are the normal occurrence with conventional storage systems. The reason: with each charge and discharge cycle, electrochemical deposits form on the electrodes of the battery – the so-called dendrite formation. One of the effects: the storage capacity decreases continuously over time. The service life of lithium- and lead-based storage batteries is therefore limited.

The situation is different with vanadium redox flow technology: Due to the liquid electrolyte, capacity-reducing mechanisms are fully eliminated. Means that the VoltStorage SMART can be loaded and unloaded as often as required without losing any capacity. The result: More than 10,000 charging cycles without self-discharge and capacity loss.

Purchase & Costs

The complete offers provided by us or our partners already include include all costs for delivery, professional installation, integrated battery inverter, automatic software updates and use of the VoltStorage App. There are no additional costs for you. You can request a complete offer without obligation from our support team.
The VoltStorage SMART battery system is 100% maintenance-free. Thanks to its Internet connection, the VoltStorage SMART can regularly receive software updates that optimize the loading and unloading logic of the storage system and further increase the efficiency of the overall system.
In addition, the VoltStorage SMART has an electrolyte rebalancing system that automatically adds additives to the electrolyte liquid through sensor control, thus keeping the quality of the vanadium electrolyte constantly high. For this reason there is no maintenance work on the VoltStorage SMART.
The VoltStorage Smart can currently only be ordered and delivered in Germany. However, we are already working on being able to offer our storage system in other countries in the near future.
We at VoltStorage specialise exclusively in the manufacturing energy storage systems. When planning to install a PV system, it is therefore best to contact the solar engineer of your choice. Since our VoltStorage SMART power storage is compatible with all photovoltaic systems, our system can be connected to any PV system.
Concerning the configuration of the power storage system, you are welcome to contact our customer service directly. We will be happy to help you at any time.
Starting from a PV output of 2-3 kWp the purchase of a VoltStorage SMART battery storage device can boost your solar power consumption and thus lead to an increase in the degree of self-sufficiency.
Any questions?

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Note: You will find the privacy policy regarding the processing of the data you submit on our Website

Note: You will find the privacy policy regarding the processing of the data you submit on our Website

Note: You will find the privacy policy regarding the processing of the data you submit on our Website

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