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More and more homeowners are counting on an ecological battery storage solution with the VoltStorage SMART. A selection of customers talk about their experiences and why they opted for Redox-Flow battery storage.

Stefan Riedelsheimer – HOME OWNER


In operation since

March 2019


Augsburg County


5,0 kWp

Kunde steht vor VoltStorage Stromspeicher

Storing power with an all-in-one solution

For more than three quarters of a year, Stefan Riedelsheimer has carefully looked into various storage technologies and manufacturers. The family man was looking for a technology alternative to lithium systems because he was not satisfied with the price-performance ratio.

Eventually he was convinced by the VoltStorage SMART all-in-one solution based on the eco-friendly vanadium redox flow technology.

“You come across the redox flow principle in many different areas. It was interesting to me because it’s not a young technology, since it has been around for some time.“

In terms of technology and price, VoltStorage offers me the best price/performance ratio and I have to say: Without VoltStorage I would not have bought any battery currently.
Stefan Riedelsheimer
Mann steht vor Haus mit Solaranlage



In operation since

September 2018


Upper Bavaria


6,0 kWp

Mann steht neben VoltStorage Stromspeicher

Storing power without Lithium

Manfred Mayr has spent his entire career working in research & development and is therefore enthusiastic about innovative solutions. After he had installed his PV system, he was faced with the question of an energy storage system.

“Lithium-ion technology was not my preferred answer. I wanted to rely on something new.“

He was in contact with VoltStorage from an early stage on and was one of the first to put the VoltStorage SMART home battery solution into operation, breaking new ground with the lithium-free storage system.

For environmental reasons alone, a VoltStorage battery system was the only option for me.
Manfred Mayr
Haus mit Solaranlage



In operation since

March 2019


Lower Bavaria


30,0 kWp

Familie Hacker neben VoltStorage Stromspeicher

Storing power with a capacity guarantee

Stephan Hacker and his wife Tanja have built their own home. With their 30 kWp PV system, the Hacker family also wants to take their energy supply into their own hands. Optimizing their own consumption therefore plays an important role for the couple. With the VoltStorage SMART home battery they have taken a major step forward since the beginning of 2019.

The Hackers have installed a 30 kWp PV system and a heat pump on their brand-new house. Together with VoltStorage, they decided to opt for a single system for the time being. After one year, VoltStorage will then review the collected data to see whether a storage expansion would make sense, so that the Hackers can become even more self-sufficient.

The decisive factor for us was that the VoltStorage battery system does not suffer from any capacity losses. Just from an economic point of view, that is a huge advantage.
Stephan Hacker
Mann steht vor Fensterfront
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