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Company | 28. September 2020

VoltStorage: Team lead for production of Redox Flow battery stacks

To further increase its energy storage production, VoltStorage is expanding its Redox Flow battery production with an experienced production team lead.

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Company | 22. July 2020

VoltStorage: €6M in funding for further expansion

The investment will be used for the expansion of series production, the development of new battery solutions and for the further development of the Redox Flow technology.

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Company | 19. June 2020

VoltStorage automates electrolyte filling process

Self-developed filling control system enables electrolyte supply for increasing production of VoltStorage's eco-friendly Redox Flow energy storage systems.

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Company | 22. May 2020

VoltStorage revolutionizes Redox Flow SoC Measurement

VoltStorage revolutionizes SoC measurement for Redox Flow energy storage with the development of an highly accurate and cost-effective SoC measurement.

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Drei VoltStorage Produktspezialisten nebeneinander

Company | 8. May 2020

VoltStorage enlarges Technical Service Team

VoltStorage strengthens its team with product specialists to meet the increasing demand of installation partners for Redox Flow energy storage trainings.

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Head of IT David Bauske und Software Engineer Frank Listing

Company | 2. April 2020

VoltStorage extends department for software development

VoltStorage has extended its IT and software development with an experienced software engineer to provide new software services for battery owners and sales partners.

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Zwei neue Forschungskollegen von VoltStorage mit VoltStorage-CTO Michael Peither

Company | 27. March 2020

VoltStorage extends Redox Flow research team

With the Electrochemical Engineers Hannah Bosch und Dr. John Alper VoltStorage strengthens its research activities on Iron based Redox Flow batteries.

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Company | 4. February 2020

Redox Flow development at VoltStorage

With its international research and development team, VoltStorage sets new standards in the further development of Redox Flow technology.

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Company | 8. January 2020

Redox-Flow pioneer until 2020

VoltStorage plant bis Jahresende das weltweit führende Unternehmen für Redox-Flow Stromspeicher zu werden und baut dafür die Serienproduktion weiter aus.

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