Meet the technology pioneer in stationary flow batteries and learn more about VoltStorage's mission, company history milestones and visionary management team.

The next generation battery company

Founded in 2016 in Germany, VoltStorage has become the technological forerunner for stationary flow batteries within a few years. A visionary management team, international experts and supportive investors have made this success possible.

VoltStorage at a glance








World’s largest operating flow battery fleet

Since the market launch of our residential flow battery system in 2019, we have constantly increased the number of installed systems. Meanwhile, we have the largest fleet of operating flow batteries in the world.


Patented battery manufacturing

With our patented flow battery cell design, we were the first company in the world to succeed in developing a battery cell stack for flow batteries that can be manufactured automatically and thus produced in high numbers.

Iron salt technology

Unrivaled 50€ per kWh: The iron salt technology is destined to shape the future of battery storage beyond lithium, because of the widely available and low-cost iron-based storage medium.

Management team

VoltStorage GmbH was founded in 2016 by Jakob Bitner, Michael Peither and Felix Kiefl. Verena Graf has been COO at VoltStorage since 2022 and is responsible for management together with Jakob Bitner and Michael Peither. Together they want to turn the vision into reality of making renewable energy available around the clock to enable a green, sustainable and fair future.

Jakob Bitner – CEO

“The energy transition is a great opportunity to make the world a cleaner and fairer place. Storing electricity in order to uncouple production and consumption is an important factor for its success. With VoltStorage we want to contribute to this success story.”

Jakob Bitner CEO and co-founder of VoltStorage. Jakob is responsible for Finance, Marketing and Business Development.

Michael Peither – CTO

“With the development of our lithium-free ‘Next Generation Batteries’, we are responding to the significantly increasing demand for battery storage solutions based on climate-friendly materials with high raw material availability. Only with the establishment of appropriate battery storage technologies, the energy transition can succeed.”

Michael Peither is Chief Technology Officer and co-founder of VoltStorage. Michael is responsible for the Research and Development Department, patents and new developments.

Verena Graf – COO

“VoltStorage is a pioneer in the field of redox flow battery systems and enables energy supply from renewable energies for a variety of application areas. With our innovative technologies, energy can be stored cleanly and sustainably worldwide, thus significantly advancing the energy transition.”

Verena Graf is Chief Operation Officer of VoltStorage GmbH and is responsible for product engineering, production, procurement and quality management.


Cummins Inc.

Cummins Inc. is a global power technology leader, based in the USA.

Investor since 2022

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Korys is the investment company of the Belgian family Colruyt.

Investor since 2020

Bayern Kapital

Bayern Kapital is the venture capital company of the State of Bavaria.

Investor since 2020


EIT InnoEnergy is the innovation engine for sustainable energy and is supported by the EIT Institute.

Investor since 2019

Matthias Willenbacher + Business Angels

Willenbacher is co-founder of juwi, formerly the largest German developer for wind turbines.

Investor since 2019

Energie 360° Logo

Smart Energy Innovations Fonds (SEIF)

The SEIF is a venture capital fund of Energie 360° AG, a major Swiss energy supplier.

Investor since 2017



SOSV is the largest early-stage hardware investor in the world, based in the USA.

Investor since 2016